It's no secret there are clear physical, emotional, social and intellectual benefits of learning to swim for children under five years old.



Just how clear?

Research shows children who participate in swimming before the age of five experience advanced physical, cognitive and language development. One study found children who swam before the age of five were 11 months ahead of the normal population in oral expression, six months ahead in mathematics reasoning, 17 months ahead in story recall and 20 months ahead in understanding directions.

More than Water is based on six key beliefs:

1.  Swimming makes kids happier, healthier, stronger, smarter, more curious and safer.

2.  Kids can start swimming lessons as early as six months old.

3.  Kids who learn to swim before the age of 5 are often months or years ahead of their same age peers in both cognitive and motor skills.

4.  Swimming opens the door to many lifelong recreational and occupational opportunities that aren’t available for those who can’t swim.

5.  Swimming can save your life or help you save the life of another.

6.  Swimming is more than a sport, it’s a life skill.